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A truly speedy, efficient and low cost process for evolving and resolving advertising strategy and development.

The perfect answer when you need:

¤ Expert qualitative consultants who have an exemplary track record of understanding how advertising works and the need for construction – not destruction – of creative ideas

¤ Brief, tactical, qualitative input at a critical stage in advertising development. It’s not about scoping the market sector or segmentation - you know this. It’s about quick, grounded direction – strategy, tactics and execution.

¤ Reassuring guidance when you/your clients are undecided about which advertising route to develop

¤ The objectivity of consumer response – but there’s little time

¤ Reasonable costs


¤ 24 hours with your ‘problem’

¤ A full briefing with you

¤ 2 focused groups; with consumers or client/consumers

¤ A ‘way forward’ workshop to help refine, choose options, confirm strategy, clear creative direction. No-one leaves until you know exactly what to do next. The process is a consultative intervention which produces results. It’s quick to set up and cost-effective. It’s about brilliant thinking, very senior and experienced consultants and effective use of everyone’s time. It’s paper free and flexible – a complete Qualiday for you, your team and your advertising.